IT started as a hobby when I designed my first pc at age 17. I simply had a knack for understanding how things operated. I landed my first IT job at 21 as a low level sysadmin for Walmart Distribution Center. This ended a 5 year career in mid level retail management. I had found something I was naturally good at and pushed me more then retail management had ever done so.

My career has been and still is the pursuit of the next challenge. During this pursuit I'm always trying to find the balance to driving efficiency during a routine day in, day out work environment. Allowing me to plan and bring that next level of innovation to my work environment. "If I can just learn this skill, or understand this new concept" has been the voice in my head since I can't remember when.

Where I'm Going, and How I Can help you Get to Where Your Going

After almost a decade now in IT receiving a degree, certifications, and a wide range of technical skillsets. My goals are to slowly persue consulting and eventually my own business.

I bring 9 years of experience working with a wide variety of industries. I've supported small businesses such as doctors, lawyers, general office setting environments. To banks where security and compliance is critical, to hospitalities, agriculture, and large employee manufacturing or warehouse settings.

Because of this wide range of experience I know what works, and what can work for various environments.

Some of the important take aways from my time working in all of these industries are:

  • listen. Your client knows what they need more then you do.(This has an added bonus of increased sales)
  • IF your the smartest person in your environment you need a new environment. Find a mentor for yourself. There is always someone to learn from.
  • Train the people around you, be a mentor for someone else. You'll learn more by teaching.
  • Sometimes your backups need backups.
  • If you can't work in a staging environment you better understand what your doing.
  • Security has to be at the forefront of your mind always.
  • If it's not in the logs it doesn't exist.
  • If the problem as a whole seems to hard to understand. Break it down. The individual parts will be easier to grasp.
  • No problem is too large if you have the determination to drive it through to fruition.


System Administrator

2015 - Present
Acumium, Madison, WI.

Managed internal environment which consists of over 100 servers & workstations. I also oversee our managed services division of which consist of 5 unique business's and 11 sites. The managed services division which entails a mix of 70 plus servers and workstations where we supply 100% IT services support.

This enviroment is a fair mix of Linux and Windows. My first project within the company was to beef up security awareness. I did that by implementing a Intrusion Detection System, and a Host IDS. Upgrading our Antivirus to a top rated solution, and slowly creating security awareness as a practice. More recently as a company we made a push to implement high level vulnerability assessments on products we design.

Security, performance, and self improvement have been the driving factor behind every decision made while working here. Acumium has been voted best places to work in Madison for the last three years. I have been fortunate to land this job and get to work directly under someone who has been with this company since near it's inception. The IT director at this company has helped me redefine my role and understanding as a system administrator.

System Administrator

2013 - 2015
Accelerated Genetics, Baraboo, WI.

Maintained entire environment which consisted of 4 sites, about 350 employees. Primarily Windows with some Linux servers. This environment relied heavily on open source software so the ability to adapt and learn quickly were essential.

Some of my responsibilities and accomplishments.
  • Due to an emergency. I setup an entire office in 1 week. This included 30 drops, a site to site vpn on a new firewall, migrating printers and faxes, and building a phone system and linking it to the rest of the companies structure.
  • Assessed and redesigned core network infrustructure, because the network was designed poorly.
  • Open source Trixbox phone server had died of which there was NO support, I was able to rebuild the server save the data and restore phone service.
  • Redesigned the air conditioner system to re-purpose the 30 year old AC unit in the server room
  • Discovered major security risks with outdated mail server. Built new mail server updated software, and migrated email in 1 weekend successfully.
  • Configured and set up a manageable remote wireless mesh network in McCook Ne.
  • Expanded their network to extend their coverage to multiple sites (by setting up wireless point to point connections, and internal cabling.
  • Implemented and configured a inhouse ticketing system. With that did inventory tracking
  • Partook in company projects to implement remote or mobile network solutions for company hosted events. (AG days, World Dairy Expo, McCook Open House, annual sales conference).
  • Frequently saught out open source software to cheaply but effectivly meet needs. Example ODK collect.
  • Did vulnerability assessment of one of our websites, and externally was able to pull down an entire database of usernames and passwords. Fixed issues.

System Administrator

2013 - 2013 (3month contract)
Robert Half Contract (Meister Dairy), Muscode, WI.

A cheese making manufacturing warehouse working on automating it’s majority of processes to expand its competitive edge in the market.

With the lofty goal of automating the entire process the company had hired out two seperate companies to focus on two larger parts of the automation. One major agenda was to get that project back on track. As it had stagnated for over a year.

I was brought in under a three month contract to manage their IT environment. They had never had a system administrator prior. There was a local IT person that did basic support.

  • I oversaw the integration of Datex(Automated Inventory Tracking System) with Wonderware (Hardware infrustructure)
  • To do the above task, I built a SQL Server so both companies programmers could interact with the data. Wonderware's software was automating the cheese making process, and creating automatic instructions. Datex used that information to automate the inventory tracking system and warehouse management.
  • I was brought on to get the Datex implementation back on track and to tie it into the company’s current in house system Wonderware (automation using HMI’s and PLC’s). To do that I started hosting weekly update meetings with local managers, and managers with both companies.
  • They had a windows server 2008r2 server not being used as a domain controller. I configured it to be a domain controller, Print Server, and File Server. And made recomendations to put a secondary server onsite for redundancy.
  • I created group policies, and added their 30 stand alone computers onto the newly created domain.
  • They had paid $5000 dollars to install a timeclock system that would integrate with their payroll system that wasn't being used because it broke. I fixed it saving them multiple hours each week doing manual time entries.
  • They had a Ncomputing terminal server installed that wasn't being used (The idea being so that they didn't have to buy full computers for everyone just thin clients connecting to shared resources) I finished setting it up. It was abandoned by the person who sold it to them.
  • After three months they offered to hire me on. I turned it down.

Network Engineer

2012 - 2013
Network Technologies, Olathe, KS.

Network Technologies is a managed service provider. As a company they were able to make it more affordable for businesses to get that enterprise level IT awareness through monitoring and support that some business's couldn't justify paying a full time employee to do. And guarantee a level of service that a single employee might not be able to offer.

Network Technologies offered four main products Managed Services, Cable Networking / Office Migration, Backup Data and Recovery Systems, and VOIP phone system sales and intallation.

  • 1 of 6 System Administrators supporting 70 plus companies
  • I was the only sysadmin allowed to be secondary support for our cabling division, phone installations, and BDR Management
  • As a network engineer I often went onsite to clients facilities to respond to emergencies to troubleshoot.
  • Out of the 70 plus companies we supported I was primary contact on roughly 15 of them.
  • I was chosen to help do a major four government site phone installation in Omaha. We cabled, installed and configured 300+ Allwrx phones over 2 weeks.

System Administrator

2012 - 2012
Leisure Hotels, Leawood, KS.

Network Techn ended up aquiring my responsibilities after 6 months. I continued to support Leisure Hotels from Network Technologies.

Leisure Hotels is a Hotel Management Company. As a company they would aquire 1-3 year contracts to manage forclosed properties through bank contracts.Ocasionally after the contract was up they would go through the effort of buying the property themselves.

  • Hyper-v Environment managing internal network
  • Assess and determine new hotels networks upon aquiring their contracts
  • Support current hotels IT needs
  • Manage the cable tv, internet, and phone contracts (to see if we could find better deals)
  • Ensured hotels maintained franchise requirements (IHG) Such as redundant internet connections, guaranteed 7mb speeds, guaranteed flat screen tv's

Level 1 Help Desk

2010 - 2012
ISPN.NET, Lenexa, KS.

ISPN.NET was a call center for hospitalities throughout the U.S.

  • Outsourced inbound tech support call center for 70 + Telco's & Hospitalities
  • Detailed specific tech support and troubleshooting covering multiple mail clients, browsers, web clients, mobile devices and mobile operating systems.
  • Our support ranged across multiple types of media such as Dial-up, Cable, DSL, Wireless, and Fiber Optic.
  • Average call time was 10:30 against company average was 13:00 Minutes
  • Average QC rating was 5 stars when the company average rating was 3 stars
  • Averaged 30 + tickets per day finishing each week between 150-180 tickets

Support Administrator

2007 - 2010
Walmart Distribution Center, Tomah, WI.

I started at the company as an Orderfiller in 2006. After six months I was promoted into Asset Protection. Then after that I was promoted into Systems sometime early 2007.

  • Maintained OSHA Paperwork, and equipment certifications, and warehouse security while in A.P.
  • Systems team consisted of eleven members supporting roughly 1000 employees. PC maintenance and managing equipment.
  • Main responsibility was to maintain the billing processes and to ensure they remained on schedule
  • Maintain Servers
  • Tape backups
  • Wrote simple Excel Macro's to handle the redundant tasks of day to day duties.
  • Developed a detailed network layout for the entire warehouse's physical equipment IE: Computers, switches, printers, phones. And with all of this we mapped out the IP addressing scheme.


Here is a list of my side projects

Personal Website - I have been wanting to see if I was capable of building a decent looking website for a while. I had two goals in mind. Something that would keep me motivated to finish it, and my resume was long overdue for a serious update. I figured why not do both at the same time.
Beekeeping - My grandpa and I were looking into starting a project to give us some understanding into something we knew little about. We decided to start beekeeping in 2014. This last year we expanded from two hives to three.
Home Automation - Being in IT it's natural to understand the importance of automation. This summer I invested in a few gadgets around the apartment to automate my life. Some Wemo's, Alexa, and some ITTT scripts later I can set my lights to timers, or control them via command. I like having coffee prepared for me in the mornings as well.
Wine Making - About three years ago my grandpa showed me how to make homemade wine. Since then I've been able to pass on the knowledge to one of my friends. In return he tells me what to do when one of my vehicles are on the fritz.

Tools & Proficiency





Windows Server Administration & Roles 03',08',12'

Linux Server Administration Gnome, KDE

Project Management


VOIP Phones

Exchange & MDAEMON

VMWare, Vsphere, Hypervisors

Hyper-V, VCenter,

System Center Configuration Manager SCCM

System Center Operations Manager SCOM

System Center

Cisco Certified Network Administration CCNA

Router Programming Unifi & Cisco

Firewall Programming

Database Concepts SQL MySQL

Customer Service

WiFi & Wireless Networking

Shell Scripting Powershell, Bash, Batch

Snort OSSEC IDS Intrusion Detection Systems

Kali Linux Penetration Testing