Home Automation

Automating Your Life and Home

Home Automation. Who wouldn't want to have your lights come on if it's after dark and you come home. (Via the geo-location of your cell phone). Who wouldnt want the smell of coffee to wake you up in the morning instead of an alarm clock? Who doesn't like being able to issue off commands and actually have something listen :). In this case of course I'm referring to Amazons Alexa. She is my central hub of automation. I have set her up to issue commands to various gadgets that allow me to control lights, music, coffee, make phone calls, send emails, notify me when there is a new craigslist add bosting tags of something of interest.

The future is Now. I love that saying from H.G. Wells The Time Machine. In all seriousness though who wouldn't want to never forget to feed the animals, save time by not having to check craigslist.

Through the site IFTTT you can configure you to call your cell phone via voice command when you lost your phone. I in particular set it to send a voice message telling someone who might have found my phone what my address is, and an alternate contact number to call so I can come get my phone.