Micro Controllers

Micro Controllers

I've been dabbling with Micro Controllers since the original Raspberry Pi. The power of a functional PC open sourced in an area the size of 2 inches by 3 inches. Thats what a MIcro Controller is infact just a small sized computer. Micro Controllers have the ability to run operating systems ( such as Windows ) or of course Linux.

I've turned one of my Rasperry Pi's into a home entertainment system. With a $35 micro controller and through woftware called Kodi, you can instantly stream from any repository on the internet such as Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, Amazon Prime illegally hosted sites that host the latest TV shows, they even have people hosting news sites from around the world. They have movie sites and tv stations as well.)

Rasperry Pi can be used to host video game emulators, such as regular nintendo, SNES, Sega, Old PC Games.

The true power of Micro Controllers comes from being able to controll your environment around you. There are litterally 100's of sensors that you can integrate with a Rasperry Pi or Arduino to gather information and re-act accordingly.

Use Case Scenarios



Gather Temperature or Moisture
Adjust the tempature or give your plants water
Light sensor is triggered with ambiant light
turn on or off the lights
Time of day
Adjust the temperature in the house.
Resistance in torque.
Increase power output to increase Torque Capability.
Pick up mac address from bluetooth device because it came into area
turn on the light of a room, music, lock computer automatically when user walks away.