Tree Farms

Parkers Tree Farm

Since I've remembered my grandpa has had a tree farm my entire life. When I was about 7 was the first time I was able to help my grandpa Duke and grandma Lola plant 500 alternating rows of White Pines on his 60 acre Black Walnut plantation. When I turned 10 I routinely would help Grandpa during the winter months on his primary 80 acre Black Walnut site. We would clean up the woods by making firewood, trim trees, and do selective thinnings. Working in the woods grandpa has always been a general practicioner of best known conservational practices.

As an adult I don't make it back as much as I would like, but my cousin and I routinely enjoy spending time with our grandpa attend WWOA (Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association), primarily the Bad Ax chapter events that consist of tree farm walks listening to people talk about their experiences and citing examples of what to do and what not to do when raising a tree plantation.

Two properties one an 80 acre plantation was founded around 1982 just outside of La Farge, WI connected to his family farms property Of this 80 acres approximately 50 acres consists of Black Walnut, and 30 acres of natural woodland forest.

The Second property a 65 Acre plot of land in Crawford County near Gays Mills, WI. consists of aproximately 40 acres of Black Walnut, and 20 acres of natural woodland forests.